Cyber Security

Information security breaches are on the rise. In 2018, 96% of large organizations and 84% of small businesses had at least one security breach. Staff-related security incidents were especially common. 89% for large organizations and 57% for SMEs, and half of the worst security breaches were caused by inadvertent human error and insider leaks.

Figures show the increasing trend of attackers targeting staff, who are considered the weakest link in a company’s security strategy. You can have the best technology and processes in place, but if your staff members are not alert and vigilant, they can be an open door to cyber criminals.

CGSL offers every aspect of Cyber Security, IT governance, Risk Management and Compliance, at an affordable cost.

CGSL provides a unique, fully integrated solution that focuses on detection and response to insider threats through a combination of advanced behavioral analysis of insider activity. Our key features:

  • Help reduce the risks of data leakage and loss of reputation
  • Give transparency in the workflow
  • Allows to see clients business processes in real-time
  • Quick investment return & minimum maintenance cost
  • Easy Deployment
  • Apart from tracking websites visited, search queries, social networking activities and exact time of activity, the process includes screen recordings and keystroke capture.

    We offer STATE-OF-THE-ART cyber security solutions in a cost efficient manner to clients in multiple industry sectors located ANYWHERE in the world. Our solutions enable our clients to reduce security and compliance risk. We help customers realize business value from security and compliance investments through our portfolio of solutions and services.

    At CGSL we safeguard business and personal information by managing applications that are on our client networks. We scan those applications for confidential data or malicious content,, thereby ensuring our client’s data is managed appropriately. The cost, scope, and duration are often too much for many small to medium size businesses to undertake and the risk of loss is not abating. The network boundary, and specifically the firewall, is the idyllic place to implement bleeding edge Data Leak Prevention controls as it acts as the trust boundary for all application traffic flow out of system networks. By converging on these critical data elements, CGSL offers small and medium businesses a simple, cost effective and extremely powerful solution to address an important element of data leakage risk. These parameters include:

  • Blocking undesirable applications and granular controls for sensitive documents.
  • Scanning for applications for confidential information – even SSL-encrypted.
  • Live monitoring of Active Directory users and groups involved and using them in policy.
  • We Scan, Analyze, Alert, Block and Report.